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Now You Can
Write a Book
& Get It Published
Without Lifting a Finger!

How? Hire THE AUTHORS TEAM to ghostwrite your book or proposal.

You don't have to be a Hollywood celebrity to afford us.

THE AUTHORS TEAM offers top-quality ghostwriting equal to the best in the business, but at a fraction of the cost.

How? We have a unique system.

Every book we work on has both an editor and a ghostwriter.

The editors are the first-rate ghostwriters the top New York publishers hire. Some have even ghostwritten books that appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list. They make sure the writing for your book or proposal meets the same standards that they are held to by the big firms.

These editors oversee gifted authors and freelance writers who do the actual writing for you.

They work at a reduced cost because they are between projects and need a little extra cash right now.

And we pass the savings to you. Why? Because once these writers finish your book, they'll be worth more to us, too.

If at any time you're not satisfied, we'll replace your ghostwriter for free.

You even get to try your writer out before you commit to working with them.

We offer you a choice from among our talented writers. But collaboration is a bit like a marriage. It doesn't always work out. That's why we'll replace your ghostwriter for free if you're unhappy at any time. And your Authors Team editor will be there to make the transition smooth.

We'll help you pick the right publishing strategy to meet YOUR goals. Today's publishing world is full of complicated decisions. We'll help you select the right approach to meet your goals. For some, the perfect choice will be the speed and self-determination of self-publishing. Others will prefer the added credibility and lower upfront costs that come with selling a book to a traditional publisher. We can offer you valuable assistance with whatever publishing choice you make.

Want fast results? Let us PUBLISH your book, too.

THE AUTHORS TEAM can write and publish your book in just 120 days.

If you want to be published ASAP, we can help. It takes years to write and publish a book the traditional way. Instead, let us publish your book for you. We'll take care of everything, start to finish. We can turn you into a Published Author in about four months.

We'll even get your book into bookstores all across the USA. We don't just publish your book. We help you get it into bookstores, too. Our publishing division, 10 Finger Press, has an exclusive deal with a leading national distributor and their sales force to get your book into bookstores nationwide.

Our credibility gives you credibility. Publish through our imprint and join a publishing list of many authors while you get the speed and additional profits that come with self-publishing.

Want to sell your book to a big publisher? We'll help you get in the door.

Let us introduce you to our network of well-connected agents and high-powered editors

Want the upper hand when it comes to selling your book? The Authors Team has an influential network of agents and editors we can introduce you to. And I, Authors Team President Mahesh Grossman, am known nationally for my seminars on how to obtain a six-figure book advance. So not only will we write you a killer book proposal, we'll get you more money for your book, too.

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