7 Ways to Find People to Interview for Your Book

The biggest problem I notice with many of the unpublished self-help books I look over is too many examples and stories about the author, and not enough about other people. But if you want literary agents to believe that the problem you’re writing about—and the solution you’re offering—can affect a wide range of people, then you need to fill your writing with lots of anecdotes from OTHER people.

So where do you find other people with stories that illustrate the points you make in your book?

Here are seven e-zines or Web sites that let you post your request for interviews for free.

1) Profnet–www.profnet.com. Enter as a journalist, and your request will go to thousands of people looking for publicity, and therefore happy to share their tales with you. Just say you are a freelancer and working on an article that will go to publications like the main ones in your subject area.

Interview mit dem IGEL

You need anecdotes from lots of OTHER people if you want to impress literary agents with with your book. photo credit: sven_kindler

2)HelpAReporter.com—Peter Shankman has created a list of more than 100,000 people who want to be interviewed. To put your query on his list, fill out the form at:

3) Dan Poynter has e-zine called Publishing Poynters that goes to 38,000 subscribers. Advertise your request for stories there for free. Subscribe at: http://tinyurl.com/24sp6 and send your requests for stories to: DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com. (Dan will announce any freebies you have in his newsletter, too.)

4) WritersWeekly.com (www.writersweekly.com) has 70,000 readers who are writers. You can post interview requests at:

5)LinkedIn (www.LinkedIn.com) has a feature where you get to ask questions, either of your network or of people in a particular industry. You can post to more than one group. I would pose two different questions. The obvious one is “Can I interview you about X?” The other question  you can post is “Do you know how I could find people to interview about X? Not only would you get suggestions on where to find people to interview, anyone who fits your topic would probably offer to be interviewed.

6) Create a Facebook (www.Facebook.com) event called “Interviews about X for my new book.” Click on the applications box in the bottom left hand corner of your Facebook page, then click on the word “Events.” (If it isn’t listed, click on “Browse more applications.”) Then when you get to the events page, click on the “Create an Event” button. Then invite all your friends. Make sure you include the sentence, please spread the word about this by inviting your friends.

7) Post your thirty-word request for stories in AuthorSecrets, my e-zine which currently has 43,432 subscribers and is growing by thousands of subscribers a month. You can subscribe by filling out the form at top right hand corner of this page. Send your request to AuthorsTeam@gmail.com.

Got other ideas? Post them below and I might add them to this list– and give you appropriate credit and links.