Author Freebies of the Week

Here’s the first blog edition of Author Freebies of the Week. We’ve got some great stuff for you. (Please pass tweet this to anyone you know who is or wants to be an author.)

First off, if you don’t already have the 2009 list of agents, plus the free reports “7 Secrets to Landing an Amazing Agent” and “Strategies for a Six-Figure Book Advance” please fill out the form to the right or go to:

The ultimate guide to attracting the best literary agent for your book and your career

The ultimate guide to attracting the best literary agent for your book and your career

Secondly, I’ve decided to continue to give a fr/ee 20 minute consultation to anyone who orders Agent University, the 6 CD set that’s the Ultimate Guide to Landing the Best Agent for Your Book and Your Career. The CDs are fr/ee—but there is a nominal charge for shipping and handling.

Go to

By the way, this program includes an interview on the 5 P’s of Getting Booked on Oprah and other top TV Talk shows with former Oprah producer Karen Melamed is included in that package and both the audio and the transcript are available now.

Once again, that’s at

But enough of my stuff. Here’s some fr/ee stuff from other sources.

1) John Kremer, author of *1001 Ways to Market Your Book* created TwitterMania, a fr/ee report that tells you everything you ever  wanted to know about Twitter but was afraid to ask. He’s giving it away completely gratis—meaning you don’t even have to give him  your name or email address. It’s at It has a lot more than how to tweet—and more than fifty ways to do that as well. It’s a terrific resource.

2) Here’s a fr/ee gift that could help you get on Oprah.

In my interview with Karen Melamed, the former Oprah producer, one of the many things I learned was that when they need a guest for specific theme on the show, the producers like to find them for themselves.

The first place they look is Google. (This may not be a surprise to you, but they used to go to bookstores and
look at local and national print media.)

So whether you’re an expert on ADHD or on acupressure facelifts, you stand a much better chance of landing on Oprah’s couch if you can get on the first page of the search engines.

That’s where this next free gift comes in. StomperNet, the industry leader in helping anyone with a business get to the top of Google, is giving away 100 downloadable hours of video tutorials from now through Tuesday.

After that they go away.

To get your fr/ee Test Drive account, go now to:

They also have a pretty cool online show starting tonight. They’re calling it the StomperThon. It’s like a 4 hour webinar from the StomperNet Faculty that will just loop all weekend so you can jump in any time and learn from them. But you can only get access to it if you register for that Test Drive Account.