Blog & Breakfast Thursday–Making Social Media Social

When Margaret Rosas of Quiddities, my buddy at NextSpace and I were chatting about social media, an interesting idea came to me: Why don’t we start Blog & Breakfast Thursdays?

I sent out an email to all the members of our co-working environment  mentioning that, though anyone was invited, “if you haven’t blogged since the days when only white men were presidents,” you were especially welcome. And since I’m a Capricorn, I admitted that I was quoting that line from an Ellen DeGeneres graduation speech. A few days and$50 worth of bagels, muffins and side dishes later, about a dozen people joined me for our inaugural event.

We’ve been going for several weeks now and we’re ready to bring this to the world. So we’re inviting you. If you’re on Twitter, you can even join us.  More about that in a moment.

All you have to do is blog and eat breakfast on Thursday. If  you want to make it more social, invite some friends or co-workers to join you. If you want to help make this an institution, do it every week like we do.

At the bare minimum, create one post to your blog. Hopefully, though, you and your friends or colleagues can comment on each other’s  blogs and tweet about them.

Here’s how you join us on twitter: Put #BBT (as in Blog & Breakfast Thursday) in the little box under the word “Favorites” on your Twitter home page. Click the little circle and line– I think it’s supposed to be a magnifying glass– and every tweet that includes #BBTH will show up. You may need to refresh it as you go along. (I have to admit I haven’t used this in real time yet. Please make a comment if there is a way to keep it refreshed.)

If you want to make comments that are posted to the #BBT chat, simply  put #BBT in your tweet, and it will be posted there.

Also, if you could do me a favor, please make a comment as to what your favorite tag line (and possibly t-shirt) for this event should be:  “Never Blog Alone” or “Feed Your Blog.” Or maybe you have a better suggestion.

If you want to help spread the word, blog about this post, put a note about it on your Web site, mention it to your e-mail list, mention it to your connections on LinkedIn, friends on Facebook, and followers on Twitter. Please direct people to this post for the official scoop. Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word.

But even if it’s  just you, I’m looking forward to connecting with you at #BBT on Thursday and to checking out your blog.