Business Ghostwriter’s Info on A Chance to Shine (test for JetPack))

This is a test for Jetpack.

As a business ghostwrirer, I know how important it is to get your material seen elsewhere.A Chance to Si15)Summary: Need Woman’s Transformational “Aha” Moments for National Women’s Magazine


Title: Journalist Major Women’s Magazine

Specific Geographic Region: N


Deadline: 09:10am EASTERN – 21 October


An aha moments is when something happens – no matter how minor – and
changes the way we look at life. It could be an illness or a close call.
It might be a certain place you visit or person you meet. It might be
looking at the the same old thing in a brand new way. If you are a woman
who has experienced an Aha moment and made a change in your life,
relationship, career, spiritual being as a result, I might be interested in
telling your story for an article in a national women’s magazine. Please
send me a nutshell account of your experience and a way I can contact you
in the future.

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