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Who Are Our Editors and Coaches?

Whether you're writing (or have written) a book proposal or an entire manuscript, it always helps to have somebody in the business look it over before you submit it to agents or editors -- or even publish it yourself.

One author I know personally went from the reject pile to a six-figure book advance because she got the right help. Of the seven authors in my acquaintance who received book deals worth over $100,000, all but one (a former editor herself) used an editor or a book coach to improve their work.

The Authors Team will match you up with editors and writers who have written and edited New York Times Bestsellers. Imagine how good your book or proposal can be with this kind of support. Think of how much more likely you are to get published and maybe even earn the large sums that top-notch authors earn. Normally, folks like these charge $250 per hour. But because we're committed to helping as many writers as possible get published, The Authors Team is pleased to announce that you can work with these editors starting at $150 per hour.

Here's how they can help you become a bestselling author:

Want to make as much money as you can from your book proposal? Let our editors critique your proposal and advise you on exactly what you need to do to maximize your book advance. We might even hook you up with an agent. The cost for this is a $500 minimum, or $150 per hour.

One-on-One Coaching Program: Private coaching with an editor of your choice. Most of our coaches start at $150 per hour (some of our New York Times bestselling authors cost $200 per hour). If you'd like coaching with Authors Team president Mahesh Grossman on "big picture" publishing issues around your book, building a market for your book, building your email list, and coming up with the right title (including a title survey), it's available for $400 for the first hour, and $325 per hour thereafter.

Superstar Editing: Get your book in the same top-notch shape as the bestsellers. Our editors can maximize the value of what you've written. The cost is $125-$150 per hour, depending on how many hours you buy.

Elizabeth is the author of four novels. She has a Master's degree in creative writing and studied under now-Poet Laureate Andrew Motion. In 1994 she received a Hawthornden Fellowship to Hawthornden Castle, Scotland. As well as being a successful novelist in her own right, Elizabeth has coached, edited, critiqued and mentored more than 200 aspiring authors through many top writing programs including the Writer's Digest School and The Authors Team.

Connie has been a freelance writer/editor for more than 25 years. As a collaborator/co-author or ghostwriter for non-fiction books, she counts three New York Times bestsellers among her credits. She has also edited or rewritten 10 books for top publishers. Connie has also been gainfully employed as the editor-in-chief of five romance magazines and articles editor at a few women's consumer magazines. She is equally at home writing and editing psychology/self-help, business and medical books.

Jennifer is a former Random House editor and a New York Times bestselling author in her own right. Not only has she received a six-figure book advance for one of her books, she was also given a four-book deal worth $300,000. She writes a book a year herself and produces PBS pledge drive specials. She's comfortable with virtually any kind of book.

Jen W. (for you chidlren's book authors) has nearly a decade of experience in children's book publishing. She started her career at Bantam Doubleday Dell, then moved to Aladdin Paperbacks and HarperCollins Children's Books. In 2001, Jen returned to the children's paperbacks editorial team at Simon & Schuster where she acquired and edited beginning readers, middle grade paperback series including Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, some fun and girly tween nonfiction, and single title original middle grade and teen fiction. Jen has taught a class on children's book writing and publishing for The Learning Annex, and has served as faculty at several conferences all over the country. Recently, Jen moved from NYC to Atlanta, Georgia, and is coaching writers who want to strengthen their writing and navigate the world of publishing.